Building a good and long-lasting persona may actually be harder than it may seems. A good persona is one with whom the same message will resonate, due to them having the same underlying pain point or problem that your product resolves.

Start Broad

You want to start broad initially and work your way slowly towards what you need. 

  • Only select a maximum of 3-4 company and contact filters to begin with, otherwise, you will likely end up being too restrictive. 
  • For almost all personas, the most important ones to focus on initially are 1) the company size, 2) company industry, as well as 3) contact titles. However, do not be too broad by selecting all company sizes, all departments or all titles as this will likely be too broad too.

Initially try to avoid the following:

  • Highly restrictive filters, such as targeting individual cities or company revenue filters. 
  • Your own title filters - instead try and use our departments or enter at least 4-5 custom titles & seniorities, including the associated different spellings. 

Keep the Persona Large Enough

Ensure your persona is large enough. Typically the minimum size should be a persona with more than 500 new contacts available or more. At the same time, avoid personas with hundreds of thousands of contacts as they are likely too broad. You might want to only target smaller or larger audiences if you want to be very specific or estimate the total market size, respectively.

Keep on Refining

Once you set up the base criteria, you want to refine the audience further by introspecting it on the profile page. This gives you a high-level overview of the persona profile, and allows you to easily introspect and remove entire sub-segments. Alternatively, go back to the company or contact filter sections and change things up accordingly.

Typically you should do this 3-5 times initially, and fewer times once you know your audience better. This is a try-and-test approach for which even well-versed marketers often need multiple attempts to get this right, so don't be discouraged!

Clone, Sub-Segment and Explore

We highly encourage our users to explore the different audiences that may exist, including how minor changes, such as company size, may have a drastic change in the persona size. Do this by simply cloning an existing persona and changing things up; that way you don't mess up your original persona or a potential master audience that you want to work with later.

Building good persona can be complex and it might take some practice to learn. But once you have a couple of audiences and working workflows set up, you can fully automate the entire contact sourcing using personas. After that, you can focus on either finding new audiences or optimizing your workflows. If you have any questions or need some help building personas, do get in touch via the chat app and our persona experts will get back to you asap!


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